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Basic Information

  • Many varieties of apples are grown in the Nova Scotia, with a concentration in the Annapolis Valley. Most are harvested between August and late October or early November.
  • Apples are a fruit with high acid content, which makes them a natural mouth freshener.
  • Apples are also packed full with rich phyto-nutrients, which are incredibly valuable to our health. It’s true what they say - an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Storage, Preparation and Cooking Tips

  • Apples are best stored between 0 and 4°C in the crisper of your fridge. Apples stored near 0°C will last 8 - 10 times longer than apples stored at room temperature.
  • Prevent bruising with gentle handling.
  • Wash your apples before eating.
  • They can be enjoyed fresh, added to a salad, or cooked to prepare a yummy dish.

Recipes using apples