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The Story of Us

Established in 2012, Nourish Nova Scotia is a registered charity that helps students to be healthy learners so they can reach their potential in the classroom and in life. We want to equip students with knowledge and food literacy skills so they can better understand what nourishment means to the body, what local farmers mean to the economy and how to connect the dots between the garden and table. We believe that if you teach kids to eat real food early on they will be great eaters throughout life, and that good food = good thinking.


Integrity, Creativity, Respect, Collaboration, Support for Local, Excellence



All Nova Scotia children and youth are well nourished to live, learn and play



Nourish children and youth by promoting and supporting food and nutrition programs in partnership with communities and schools



To cultivate generations of healthy eaters

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Like a seed needs water, we need your help to grow.

Make a gift to help students be well-nourished to live, learn and play.