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Strengthening School Food Gardens

Grow Eat Learn aims to support and strengthen school food gardens through the creation of a provincial network. The network will provide opportunity for information sharing and peer support. Sustainable school food gardens allow for curriculum to come alive through hands-on learning experiences. They act as a space to learn and celebrate diverse cultures and heritage and are linked to increased academic performance, nutritional, mental and physical health. 



This September we'll be launching our Grow Eat Learn Guiding Practices resource! This launch will include a printable resource of the Guiding Practices, complete with details on each practices, stories from garden leaders and tips and resource suggestions to integrate each practice into your unique garden. Over the summer we'll also be developing the Grow Eat Learn section of our website so new and existing resources can be found in one place!

We're looking forward to sharing these resources and more with you, the passionate garden leaders, educators, students and community members who bring gardens to life at their schools!

Guiding Practices

Intended to provide guidance to ensure the content, quality and sustainability of school food garden programs in Nova Scotia schools. Incorporating the wisdom, local knowledge, diverse skills and experience of all contributors, these guiding practices will support school communities to develop and sustain their own version of a school food garden program. 

  • Learn in the Garden

  • Connect with Nature

  • Co-Create Welcoming and Inclusive Spaces

  • Strengthen the School Community

  • Create a Safe Environment

  • Sustaining School Food Gardens

  • Evaluate and Share

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School Food Garden Snapshot

In 2018, a baseline assessment was completed across the province to understand the landscape and needs of school food gardens. The information gathered will be used to help shape and build Grow Eat Learn tools, resources and supports.

Thank you to all the garden leaders who informed this report! In infographic has been created to help share back findings from the assessment.

Garden Resources

 More resources coming soon!


Vacation Gardening

Summer Sustainability


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School Food Garden Videos

Watch Roving Reporter, Cameron, as he visits school food gardens to learn about what's growing, help harvest, taste some new foods and find out how schools will be using their fresh produce.

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Learning in the Garden

Oldfield Consolidated Elementary used their school garden as a way for our Cross Age Buddies to work together to learn new skills. Older students partnered up with younger students to plant seeds.