Volunteering with Nourish


Why volunteer for Nourish?

Nourish Nova Scotia is a registered charity that helps schools support students to be healthy learners so they can reach their potential in the classroom and in life. We want to equip students with knowledge and food literacy skills so they can better understand what nourishment means to the body, what local farmers mean to the economy and how to connect the dots between the garden and table. We believe that if you teach kids to eat real food early on they will be great eaters throughout life, and that good food = good thinking.

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How you can be involved

There are many ways you can contribute your time, skills and passion to Nourish Nova Scotia. View our current opportunities here

Casual opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers to help with short term projects or events.
Examples: Small office tasks, help at an event, make thank you phone calls, send an advocacy letter.

Join a team

The Nourish staff and Board of Directors is supported by the work of 4 main leadership teams, populated by staff, board members, volunteers and champions/supporters who sign on as volunteers.

Program Team:  Supports existing programs and develops new programs along with best practice standards for delivery and grant processes/fund dispersal.  This team is unique in structure as it is comprised of designated program representatives from all regions of Nova Scotia as well as Nourish board member(s), staff and volunteers.   

Business Team:  Responsible for business oversight including planning budgets, financial reports, creating/implementing a fund development plan, oversight of administrative functions such as annual reports, receipting, donor/sponsor recognition, legal obligations such as contracts, memorandums of understanding and adherence to policy and procedures as outlined in the organizational manual.  Human resources management including payroll, benefits and annual performance reviews of staff are housed here. This team is also the primary contact for government relations. 

Communications Team:  Responsible for general communications including: news/newsletters, website oversight and management, social media planning and implementing, as well as public and media relations.  Tasked with creative design and development for all aspects of the organization as well as program resource development in conjunction with the program team. 

Volunteer Team: Responsible for volunteer engagement for Nourish, which includes recruitment, orientation, development, integration, and communication for all volunteers.   This team leads volunteer orientation events as well as volunteer retention and satisfaction. 

Join a team ad-hoc committee

If you are unable to commit to regular team meetings but you are interested in getting involved consider joining an ad-hoc group. These committees work on short term projects and often need additional support and skill sets.

Become a board member

The Nourish Board of Directors provides leadership for the organization by functioning in a coordinating capacity.  It holds the legal, ethical and fiduciary care roles - ensuring financial management and resource development functions.