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Did You Know?

Canada is the only G7 country without a National School Food Program.

That’s why we are holding the federal government to their commitment to work with provinces and territories to develop a National School Food Program


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Ask your MP and/or Senator to #SpeakUp4SchoolFood

Talk to your MPs about the federal commitment to work with provinces and territories to develop a National School Food Program.

Write a letter or send an email. There is no postage fee when mailing your MP or Senator.

Working with a school class, community group or organization?
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Students are asking for change

Video 1: Created by Rose Schoonhoven, Dalhousie student and past Nourish Food & Film Challenge winner, showcasing why Nova Scotia students, families and community members want a national healthy school food program.

Video 2: Join Kieran, an 11 year old student, as he explores what school food looks like in his community. And what he’s planning on doing about it.


Be Part of Something Bigger


The Coalition for Healthy School Food is a group of over 40 organizations from across Canada advocating for a national school food program. They seek an investment by the federal government in a cost-shared Universal Healthy School Food Program that will enable all students in Canada to have access to healthy meals at school every day. Building on existing programs across the country, all schools will eventually serve a healthy meal or snack at little or no cost to students.

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We support a national school food program


Thank you to our partners at NSHA public health.