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Basic Information

• Potatoes are the world’s fourth most important food staple after wheat, corn, and rice.
• Potatoes contain vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate, magnesium, and thiamine. The potato skin contains lots of nutrients, including iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorous, B vitamins, and fibre.
• There is a potato variety called Nova Scotia Blue!

Storage, Preparation and Cooking Tips

• Potatoes are best stored between 4-10 °C in a dark, dry, well-ventilated location. New potatoes can be stored in the fridge for a week.
• Wash the potatoes before using them. If they have green spots or begin to sprout, trim and peel those areas before cooking.
• Potatoes can be enjoyed roasted, baked, mashed or prepared in a salad. 



Recipes using potatoes