How Can I Buy A Box?

Students across Nova Scotia are selling Nourish Your Roots boxes to raise funds to support their school’s healthy food programs and initiatives.  Each box costs $30 and should be paid to the school/childcare you are buying from.  

If you know a student who is selling, please purchase your box(es) from them.  

If you don't know a student who is selling, you can contact a school close to you directly.  Check the list below to find out which schools and not for profit child cares are selling, and when.  Each school will have a specific day and time scheduled for customer pick-up.  Please contact the school directly to determine their pick-up date and time.

There are a few exceptions to these delivery dates and the schools will be able to provide that information when you inquire about purchasing a box.  When you place your order, you will be given the location, date and time to pick up or pack your box(es). 

You can also contact the school directly to pay and donate a box(es) to the school to use at their discretion. 


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