Who can sign up?

Schools and not-for-profit childcare centres are the only organizations eligible to participate at this time. Funds raised must be used to support their healthy eating programs and initiatives (e.g. breakfast program, farm to school program, cooking skills, edible gardens).  

Are there any other costs involved?

If your boxes are ready-packed and delivered to the school/childcare, there will be a transportation fee of approximately $75 included in your amount due to the farm. Unlike many fundraisers, there are no upfront costs to participating in Nourish Your Roots. However, to ensure fairness to our farm/transport partners, if your ability to participate changes and you must cancel, the transportation fee shall be applied to offset the scheduled transportation costs.

How do we choose a farm partner?

Nourish will identify farm partners for schools/childcares. Nourish works with farm partners and regional contacts to coordinate the program across the province.

If you are aware of a farmer in your area who might be interested in supplying produce, please encourage them to sign up for 2020. 

How can I sign up my school/not-for-profit childcare centres?

The expression of interest for Fall 2019 is now closed.

If you signed up you will be notified by the end of May 2019 as to whether or not your request to participate has been successful.  


How much will the school/childcare raise with this fundraiser?

The school/childcare will receive $9 per box sold. Farmers receive $18 per box for their produce and Nourish Nova Scotia receives $3 per box to cover a portion of the materials and logistical support for the program.

What can funds be used for?

Money raised from NYR must be used to support universally accessible, healthy food programs and initiatives at your school/childcare, such as the breakfast program, a farm to school program, a school food garden and opportunities for students to develop cooking skills, school food gardens.  

Nourish Nova Scotia developed NYR to help schools and not-for-profit childcare centres meet the directives in the Food and Nutrition Policy for Nova Scotia Schools and Standards for Food and Nutrition in Regulated Childcare around role-modeling and healthy fundraising.