How can I buy a Nourish Your Roots (NYR) box?

Students from participating schools/childcares across Nova Scotia, will sell Nourish Your Roots boxes during the fall to raise funds to support their school’s healthy food programs and initiatives.  Nourish Nova Scotia doesn't sell the boxes -- this is a healthy fundraising program we've developed for schools and not-for-profit childcare centres.

If you don't know a student who is selling, check our website for a full list of school/childcares organized by selling dates. Contact a school/childcare close to you so that payment and pick-up can be arranged.

What is the size of a Nourish your Roots box?

The box is approximately 18 inches long x 13 inches wide x 11 inches tall.  The weight varies depending on the contents 

Can students carry the boxes home?

Although most students are capable of helping unload boxes it is not reasonable for them to carry a box home. Please make arrangements to pick up your box from the school at the designated time and date, contact the school directly if you don’t have this information.

When do I get my box?

Each school/childcare will set its own time for customers to pick up their boxes. Contact the school directly or check out the school website for information on pick-up time, date and location.

How do I store my produce?

Storing your produce correctly will help keep it fresh.  Your Nourish Your Roots box will include an insert that is a great quick reference for produce storage. You can also check out the storage and preparation tips (link) on the Nourish Your Roots website for more details.

One of the items in my box is spoiled, what should I do?

Farmers are proud of the produce they grow. If you have a concern about the quality of an item in your box, please immediately contact the Nourish Your Roots Coordinator


How much does a Nourish Your Roots box cost to buy?

$30. Payable by cash. (Some schools/childcares may accept cheques made payable to the school/childcare. Please check directly with the school/childcare.

How can I donate a box to the school/childcare?  

Contact the school/childcare directly if you wish to donate a box to one of their programs.

What will my box contain?

Your box will contain 8 to 10 Nova Scotia grown items. Root vegetables figure prominently in the boxes. There may be some fruit and or herbs, however contents vary depending on the farm partner and availability. This will also impact the weight of the box (for example if you have a bunch of fresh herbs rather than turnip it will not be as heavy). Usually the boxes are between 20 and 25 pounds in weight. This is a fundraiser for schools, however Nourish works hard to ensure farmers receive fair value for their produce as well as being fair value for the customer. The produce in the box may be loose or bagged depending on the farmer. Our Nourish Your Roots webpage shows samples of boxes from previous campaigns.

Are there suggestions on how to prepare and cook the produce in my box?

Yes!  Your Nourish Your Roots box will include an insert with a recipe idea. In addition, you will find more great recipe ideas, to help you enjoy your Nourish Your Roots experience in the produce storage and preparation section of our recipes webpage. Each produce page includes suggested recipe/s and you may want to check out our full list of recipes.