Nutrition Month Resources


March is Nutrition Month!

This year’s theme is “Unlock the Potential of food” – working on unlocking the potential of food to fuel, discover, prevent, heal and bring us together.

Nourish Nova Scotia supports the health and learning of Nova Scotia’s children and youth, and we've created resources to help schools promote Nutrition Month™ to the school community including students, staff, teachers, families and volunteers during the month of March.


Healthy Eating Art Contest

How does eating healthy help unlock your potential to do well in school, grow, play, think?

Engage the power of art to highlight healthy food at school - from breakfast programs and school food gardens to your own lunch box.

Your art will inspire designs for future Nourish card campaigns and may be featured on our website and other media.


Host a Great Big Crunch Event

Nourish Nova Scotia has partnered with Food Share’s Great Big Crunch to invite students, teachers, educators and all good food enthusiasts to learn about healthy eating through the apple’s journey from seed, to harvest, to market, to table (and around again)!

What better way to show politicians that it’s time to #SpeakUp4SchoolFood by inviting them to CRUNCH along side you. Healthy food in schools matters every day!

How to Guide


Classroom activity guide

School Announcements

There are 20 tips in total, (and less teaching days in the month), so pick and choose the ones that suit your school population best:

Elementary Schools - version français

Junior and Senior High Schools - version français

School Newsletters

Tips are designed for schools to easily add to their school newsletters. 

Show us how you are celebrating Nutrition Month using #NSSchoolEats

Cooking With Kids

Celebrate Nutrition Month in the Kitchen

Food skills need to be taught, developed and nurtured beginning at an early age. Involve your kids in the kitchen to support the growth of healthy eaters.