Nourish Your Roots Press Release

How buying a box of local produce helps schools and Nova Scotia farmers!     

Nourish Your Roots, (NYR) is a healthy fundraising program developed by Nourish Nova Scotia for schools and non-profit childcare centres that connects children and families to the healthy, local and fresh food available from Nova Scotia farmers. 

Instead of magazine subscriptions, chocolate bars or cookie dough, NYR is changing the landscape, to offer nutritious, local food from NS farmers in the peak of the season. This is a fundraiser with a social conscience: A key principle is that 100% of the money stays in Nova Scotia to reinvest in our local farm economy and healthy school communities.  All the money each school raises goes towards healthy food programs in that school, like breakfast, snack, lunch, garden or cooking skills programs.  By purchasing a box, the consumer is making an investment in the health and well-being of both our farming communities and our students.

Each box contains a variety of produce focusing on root vegetables such as carrots, turnip, onions and potatoes, and other items such as fall fruit.  Boxes vary depending on the farm partner, but all are guaranteed to be fresh and delicious. With contributions from private and corporate donors along with Select Nova Scotia, Nourish has been able to grow the program to 128 sites across the province. Last year the program generated almost $400,000 for schools and farms!

Selling begins on Monday, September 10, 2018.

“This fundraiser supports our school, local farmers and provides nutritious vegetables and fruit to homes, as well as donations to local food banks and families!  Win-win-win!” - Elementary School Parent Organizer


NewsKayla Thomas