Canada falling behind in nourishing kids

Did You Know? Canada does not have a national School Food Program, making it the worst among G7 countries when it comes to nourishing school children.

On December 4, a national petition as launched asking the Minister of Health to implement an adequately-funded national cost-shared universal healthy school food program.

It’s time to #SpeakUp4SchoolFood

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A national School Food Program commits funding to support affordable, healthy food enabling all students in Canada to have access to healthy meals at school by offering a healthy breakfast, snack and/or lunch. Kids come to school without food for many reasons including lengthy commutes, early morning practices, not being hungry when they wake up, busy family routines and/or household food insecurity. Schools are doing their best; but they need more resources to nourish kids.

We can't afford not to do this. The return on investment for school food programs is an impressive $3-$10 for every $1 invested!

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