Thank you to Admiral Group for Fundraising for Nourish!

The Admiral Group, a Halifax-based insurance company, kicked-off summer solstice in such a fun and generous way! On June 21st Admiral held a ‘Solstice-Dip-Off’ fundraiser and selected Nourish NS as the charity of choice. We had no idea until it was all said and done - what a wonderful surprise! “What’s a solstice dip-off?’ you might be wondering... we sure were! Employees whipped up their most creative dips and spreads and voted on which one they thought was tastiest!

We are incredibly grateful for the support we receive from organizations like Admiral. When asked what inspired them to fundraise for us, one of the organizers, Sarah MacDonald, said:

“In a dip-off from years passed we’d donated to a Canadian school breakfast charity, and because the event was food related, I thought it would be great to do again. As a parent, it’s something close to my heart – so I went looking for something a little more local this time. When I came across Nourish, I realized that I recognized the Nourish Your Roots program because one of our manager’s daughters had been selling the Nourish boxes through her school and I’d bought one from her for the past two years! Because we had a tie directly to them, and based on the research I’d done on them online, I thought they were perfect!”

Such a heartfelt response. Thank you Admiral employees! It is creativity and generosity like yours that keeps us moving towards our goal of helping students reach their potential in the classroom and in life. After all, good eating = good thinking.

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NewsKayla Thomas