Volunteer Spotlight: Jodi Posavad

Jodi Posavad, owner of Grassroots HR Consulting, lives in Halifax. She has volunteered with Nourish Nova Scotia for the past two years as part of the Business Team and joined the Board in April 2018. We asked her five questions about her volunteer work.

Q: What drew you to get involved with Nourish NS?
A: Nourish’s mandate and vision, and my ongoing passion for student nutrition, drew me to volunteer with Nourish. To continue my involvement in the area of child and youth nutrition as I had previously volunteered and was a Board member of a similar organization in another province.

Q: Why is Nourish special to you?
A: I am a firm believer in a well rounded, balanced, healthy lifestyle.  Child and youth nutrition is an area that is does not receive enough attention.  Nourish aligns with my love for natural, healthy food and giving all kids exposure and accessibility to it, coupled with the education and resources to grow, prepare and enjoy healthy food to become a regular part of their everyday life. 

Q: What Nourish initiatives/work are you most proud of?
A: #TeamNourish – Blue Nose charity challenge; Business team – assisting with building Nourish’s human, capital and infrastructure resources; and, Crunchy the Carrot mascot!  

Q: What other volunteer organizations have you been involved with?
A: Recently, my volunteer work had included Board member for Junior Achievement, Nourish Nova Scotia and YMCA String Kids campaign and Chair of Citadel Football 2017.

Q: What words of wisdom do you have for someone who is interested in learning more about volunteering with Nourish NS?
A: Why wouldn’t you want to become a part of a growing organization that fuels this province’s students on a daily basis and builds their food literacy for increased health and long term healthy eating habits.

Thank you for all of your hard work, Jodi!

Want to get involved? Check out nourishns.ca/volunteer or email us at info@nourishns.ca

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