Golden Carrot Winner 2019

Every year we acknowledge an outstanding Nourish volunteer who has contributed their time and energy to advancing the work of Nourish through the Golden Carrot award. This year, the 2019 Golden Carrot was awarded to Jodi Posavad at our 5th Annual Spring Supper.

 After moving from Ontario where she was involved with the school food organization Halton Food for Thought, Jodi joined the Nourish Business Team in 2016 contributing her thoughts and ideas at our monthly meetings. With her passion for nourishing kids and competitive spirit, she quickly got involved in our fundraising initiatives. This included hosting an office-wide Brown Bag Challenge with one of her work clients and being an enthusiastic planner and participant in our Blue Nose Charity Challenge, making donor cold calls and rallying her friends and family to support her personal fundraising efforts. She shared our vision for a Nourish mascot and through her connections and support, Crunchy the Carrot came to life. Jodi has also donated her professional skills in the HR field to support us through multiple phases of two hiring processes this year, which has helped us build a strong, passionate staff team to accomplish our mission.

Outside of her Nourish commitments, Jodi also sits on the Board for Junior Achievement, an organization that supports youth financial literacy and business ventures and is very active in her community, supporting various fundraising events and causes. In 2018 Jodi joined the Nourish Board of Directors and continues to support our events, initiatives and activities, from showing up for a few hours at awareness booths to promote our work to joining the ad-hoc planning committee to plan a signature fundraising event. She brings a positive energy to our work, remains excited and passionate about our vision and is always seeking ways we can improve and grow our impact.

Thank you Jodi for all the time, energy and passion you have given to this organization. We are grateful for your dedication to supporting the health and well-being of Nova Scotia youth!

NewsKayla Thomas