Celebrating National Farmer's Market Week

Did you know it is National Farmers’ Market Week? Nova Scotia is filled with amazing Farmers’ Markets that are supported by local farmers, artisans and food producers.

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Why Should I Shop at Farmers’ Markets?

Our Local Food Economy 

Supporting your local Farmers’ Market means supporting families. Farmers and business owners are passionate about what they do,and want to provide communities with high quality food. Every time you buy your fresh veggies from a local vendor, you are not only supporting their business but possibly a child’s dream to play hockey, or the replacement of a leaky roof. You are supporting farmers who also want to put fresh and wholesome food on the table for their own family.The farmers that you buy from at local markets are not strangers- they become peers, your friendly neighbours and your friends.  

Farmers’ Markets give farmers and food producers an opportunity to sell their goods at a fair price helping to make their business profitable, and when they are profitable not only does our economy thrive but so do families. Markets allow farmers to sell their product in a short amount of time which allows them to minimize labour costs. 

Farmers’ Markets help us work towards a healthy food economy. This means more jobs for Nova Scotians, it means kids understanding the value of eating healthy foods, and it means a province that knows how to support itself and raise healthy generations.  

A Place for Community to Gather

It’s Saturday morning and the sun is shining. You grab your favourite canvas bags and  head to your local Farmers’ Market.The friendly hustle and bustle of community gathering together greets you at the door and you feel at home. At your favourite produce stand your farmer knows your name and your exact order- perfection. Next stop- a fresh muffin made with local blueberries and a hot cup of locally roasted coffee. You see a few friends by your favourite cheesemaker and the three of you continue to shop and talk together. 

This exact scene is a reality for many people- and everyone can experience this. Farmers at each market care about their customers and spend time developing meaningful relationships with them. 

The more support from members of the community that the vendors at a Farmers’ Market can get, the better. When a market succeeds it can become a wonderful place for community events, or a hot spot for tourists to experience some Nova Scotia culture! Farmers’ Markets are so much more than “ a place to get good vegetables”. They are a hub for the community and a place to call your own. 

Farmers’ Markets in NS 

Nova Scotia has 50+ Farmers’ Markets across the province. They come in all shapes and sizes across many different communities. One thing they all have in common is their incredible food and they are all just waiting for you to pay them a visit- or better yet- make them apart of your weekly routine!

From in season vegetables and fruits to fresh seafood and meat to homemade bread and preserves Farmers’ Markets have everything you need.

Shopping at a Farmers’ Market in Nova Scotia is a meaningful experience. So, if you have never shopped at a market before or it isn’t a routine yet, consider making your local Farmers’ Market a bigger part of your life. Know that, while you receive the best quality food you are also contributing to something bigger - and if you already shop at a market all the time- that’s great- you are making a difference in our local food economy by supporting our local farmers! 

To find a market near you visit: https://www.novascotia.com/eat-drink/farmers-markets

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