Sweet as Sunshine Smoothie

sunshine smoothie.jpg

Strive for Five Recipe


2 cups/500mL strawberries, frozen
3/4 cup/ 175mL pineapple chunks, unsweetened
3/4 cup/ 175mL sliced peaches, in natural
3/4 cup/ 175mL sliced pears, in natural juice
1 cup/250mL low-fat vanilla yogourt

Grape-Nuts® cereal or frozen blueberries (for garnish)



  1. Allow the strawberries to thaw slightly.

  2. Drain the canned fruit.

  3. Combine all the fruit; blend in a blender or food processor in small batches.

  4. Add the yogourt to the blended fruit.

  5. Serve in cups; top with a sprinkle of Grape-Nuts® or a few frozen blueberries.

Smoothies are a great way to increase fruit and dairy intakes. Substitute with any frozen fruit you may have on hand; leftover frozen bananas can be substituted for the pineapple. Smoothies made with frozen fruit may be a little thicker than those made with fresh fruit. If required, thin the mixture by adding some of the liquid drained from the fruit. The flavour combinations of smoothies are endless; experiment a little and have fun.

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