Build Your Own Sushi

Build Your Own Sushi.jpg

Adapted from Dietitians of Canada.

Yield: 8 rolls/40 pieces of sushi


2 cups/500mL Sushi rice, cooked and cooled
2 tbsp/30mL Rice vinegar
8 sheets Nori
1 Medium sweet potato, cooked and cooled    
1 Avocado            
1 Cucumber    



  1. Stir the rice vinegar into the prepared sushi rice.

  2. Slice vegetables into thin strips.

  3. Place one nori sheet on a work surface

  4. Spread 1/8 of the rice in a thin layer, over the bottom third of the sheet.

  5. Place 2 strips of sweet potato, avocado, and cucumber, extending the width of the nori sheet.

  6. Gently lift the bottom end of the nori sheet and roll it up over the rice and filling, as you would roll a tortilla. Roll slowly and tightly.

  7. When you are about 2.5 cm from the end, lightly moisten the remaining nori with a few drops of water and continue rolling to seal.

  8. Set aside, seam side down, and repeat with the remaining sheets and fillings.

  9. Slice each roll into pieces 5 cm wide and, if desired, serve with small bowl of soy sauce, wasabi and/or ginger.

Tip: Prefer your rice outside of your sushi? Line work surface with parchment paper and press your rice on to it. Top with nori sheet and then fillings. The parchment paper can help you start rolling!

Sushi rolls are easy to eat with your fingers and the filling possibilities
are endless. Add in your favourite vegetables or experiment with fish.


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